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A – Z   Product List

Here at Weald packaging, we work with the largest and best manufacturers in the World. We always put our environmental impact ahead of profit and will always use a local manufacturer before importing. Below is a list of our products, if you click on the drop down you will see the list expand. Click on the text and another wordsheet should open.

If you have any questions or queries on any of the listed products or anything not listed, please do contact us, at :

Vacuum pouches

A – D

• A

Absorbent Pads Used to catch liquid spills

• B

Black Refuse Sacks
Boilable Vacuum Pouches
Boneguard wraps around the bones and meat to prevent punctures when vac packing and packing meat into Shrink Barrier Bags. We stock two types of Boneguard, P.F and Mouldable Crepe. P.F Boneguard, samples are available now.
Boxes  We have a wide range of boxes to accommodate all types of food, we can also supply liners and ice packs
Box Liners
Bubblewrap We stock 5 different widths in the 100m length range, all our bubble wraps have small bubbles and are of excellent quality.
Burger Discs
Burger Mixes
Butchers Coats

K – P

• L
• P

Pallet Wrap
Paper Bags
Paper Towels
Polythene Bags
Polythene Sheets
Poultry Loops

Vacuum pouches

R – W

• R

Rusk All of our Rusk & Crumb is from Ripon™ in Yorkshire.

• S

Seal and Fresh Bags

Shoes and Wellingtons
Shrink Barrier Bags
Silver Vacuum Pouches

Sterilising Wipes

• T


Tray Liners

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