It’s that time of year again for to celebrate the Great British Banger! Here’s just a few interesting facts about them:

  • From the beginning of the year to July 2014 the Nation consumed over 181 tonnes of sausages in the home.
  • Everyday 3.7 million meals containing sausages are eaten at home.
  • There are over 450 recipes and flavours for Sausages in Britain.

Whether you are a Butcher or just making sausages for a hobby, this is a great week to promote your products, offer tastings and advice.

Making Sausages is very easy and with a wide range of different herbs and spices you can make any flavour you like. Why not try a sample of one of our range?

We can supply you with all your Sausage making requirements from Natural Skins, Seasonings and Packaging and more!

We also offer a wide range of Gluten Free Flavours.

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