We offer a complete range of casings – natural or artificial, edible or inedible, Fibrous, Nojax, plastic or collagen

Natural Sausage Casings

Natural sausage casings are a natural product made from either Sheep or Pig intestines and are very popular for making premium quality sausages. Our range of natural casings are all vacuum packed in salt to preserve the freshness.

Weald Packaging caters for all whether you are a small processor or making sausages for fun. All of our natural casings have batch codes and best before dates and are fully traceable.

We can supply the following quality natural sausage casings

Sheep casing on the tube (spooled) or loose bundles. Each bundle will make approximately 18kg of sausages.

Green Ring Sheep loose Bundles 18/22 diameter

Red Ring Sheep loose Bundles 22/24 diameter

Spooled Sheep 20/22 diameter (On Rigid Tubes)

Selected hog casing on the flat tubes or loose bundles. Each bundle will make approximately 45kg of sausages.

Black Ring Hog Bundles 35/38 diameter

Tubed Hog 32/34 diameter (On Flat Tubes)

Collagen Casings

Hand Link or Machine Link.

Weald Packaging Collagen casings are produced from the collagen of beef or pig hides and are 100% edible, usually the cost to produce sausages in collagen is significantly lower than making sausages from natural because of higher production speeds, lower labour requirements and Gives greater consistent yields

The collagen for artificial casings is processed extensively, It is formed by extrusion through a die to the desired diameter, dried and shirred into short sticks

Collagen Casings are ready to and we offer them in Hand Link or Machine Link to suit your requirements.

Below is our range:

Colfan Hand Link 21 ideal for chipolatas, traditional cocktail sausages.

Colfan Hand Link 23 ideal for chipolatas, traditional cocktail sausages

Colfan Hand Link 28 ideal for Breakfast Sausage

Colfan Machine Link 21 Ideal for Chipolata

Colfan Machine Link 28 Ideal for Breakfast Sausage

Other sizes are available please contact us for more details.

Nojax Casings

Made from seamless cellulose designed for quick, automated production of hot dogs, dry mini salamis, cooked sausage and coarse ground fresh sausages. They are ideal for skinless sausages and frankfurters.  These casings provide size uniformity, strength, and excellent closure.

Please note we do not stock this product, they are made to order.

Fibrous Casings (non-edible)

Fibrous Casings are a unique creation of plant based cellulose applied to a special paper for strength and diameter control. These casings can be used for a wide range of products including pepperoni, salami, luncheon meats, boneless hams and other deli-style processed meats.

They are also ideal for processed and smoked cheeses.

Fibrous casings are made to order stuffing diameters between 36-200mm.

  • Casings are available on rolls or cut pieces to your desired length and are always clipped one end with an aluminium clip, cotton loops are also available for ease of hanging.
  • Pre-sticking is available on FIBROUS Casings. Pre-sticking is small holes that allow air evacuation during stuffing and excess surface water/fat to escape during cooking. Many different holes sizes and patterns are available.
  • Samples readily available.

Plastic Casings

Our most popular plastic casing is the Red VISFLEX® Polyamide Casings.

Manufactured using multilayer extrusion technology, VISFLEX® Casings are tailored to meet the processing and shelf storage requirements for a variety of products. Exceptional barrier and shrink properties make VISFLEX® Casings ideal for water, steam and smokehouse processing.

Stuffing diameters 38-206 mm.

Samples readily available.

Cooking Bags

Our Polyester heat shrinkable cooking bags are generally used for the cooking of hams, beef, and legs of pork etc.

The cooking bags come pre clipped one end and can easily be tied with twine the other end ready for cooking.

The sizes we stock and are bundles in packs of 25 are:

  • 225 x 600mm
  • 225 x 750mm
  • 300 x 790mm


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