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After an impressive response from our new Advertisement in the Meat Trades Journal for our Dry Age Beef Bags, it’s time to brag about them a bit more…

What are Dry-Aging Beef Bags and how do they work?

The bags allow anyone to provide extremely tender and concentrated flavoursome Steaks using exclusive technology made from a specially formulated combination of polymers. Once the bags have formed a perfect bond with the meat then the magic starts to happen and the bag starts reacting with the proteins on the surface of the meat.

The bags provide the protection against off flavours and contamination, allowing you to dry age in any commercial refrigeration unit without the need for UV lighting or specialized humidity control. Although the bag itself It is not a vacuum material it is possible and preferred to Vacuum Pack the Meat inside and create a perfect bond.

This method does NOT pose the same risk of anaerobic bacterial growth like in other methods.

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