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Eco Packaging

Our plant-based disposables can break down in under 12 weeks in commercial composting. Vegware holds the deepest set of compostability certi cation in the packaging sector, and we conduct eld trials to ensure our products break down in a variety of composting facilities around the world.


Sustainably sourced, using recycled content where we can.


Plant-based alternatives to plastic. Clear PLA for cold use, CPLA for hot.


Clear film made from wood pulp. Anti-grease, heat sealable.

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We champion compostable packaging as the ideal solution where food contamination is prevalent. We’re focused on reducing tree-based paper and fossil fuel-based plastic used in the foodservice industry by offering eco-friendly alternatives. Our commitment to innovation has introduced industry-leading products such as the tree-free Natural Pac range – made from sugarcane pulp, a by-product of the sugar refining industry. Made from plants, designed for the circular economy.

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