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We provide multiple variations of gloves, from disposable Vinyl and Nitrile, to everyday Marigold gloves and Chainmail gloves as well as the grips and Cotton underlays. All our gloves come in sizes Small to Extra Large

Disposable gloves                                                                                                

 Vinyl Gloves – Perfect for everyday tasks. Thin yet strong. Suitable for food use

Nitrile Gloves –  Stronger durability. Offers protection against certain chemicals. Suitable for food use

Rubber gloves

  • Resistant and flexible gloves ideal for industrial use
  • High resistance to certain chemicals
  • Flexible for better dexterity

Chainmail gloves

  • Adjustable strap
  • Suitable for butchery and meat processors where protection against damage
  • Colour identified by strap colour

Rubber Gauntlets

  • Provides protection from a range of hazardous chemicals
  • Strong rubber gloves with high level of dexterity
  • Slip resistant pattern to assist with grip                                                   
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