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Bread Rusk and Crumb


Rusk is a dried cereal ingredient that is microbiologically very clean and used primarily as a filler and binder in meat products. Rusk is manufactured from wheat flour, salt, and a raising agent by a traditionally slow process of baking, drying, gristing and blending to produce a consistently high-quality product capable of absorbing twice its own weight of water without being soft and pasty.

Pinhead Rusk is the most popular grist size, widely used in the production of sausage product ducts and as an ingredient for dried stuffing mixes. (25kg Sacks)

Medium Rusk is the same as the Pinhead Rusk just thicker particles for making a more rustic sausage. (25kg Sacks)

Superfine Rusk is widely used as a carrier for flavours, colours, and seasonings but because of its larger particle size than Extra fine it is also highly suitable for use in beefburgers to help bind and absorb free water. (25kg Sacks)

Bread Crumb is manufactured from wheat flour, salt, yeast & either natural food dyes or spices (if required) to colour the crumb. Typical colourings used are Paprika, Turmeric & Annatto used either singularly or in combination as per the EC Colours Directive. Breadcrumb is manufactured in a variety of grists to suit individual customer requirements.

Classic Golden Crumb 11 generally used for breading poultry and fish products produces a classic golden colour when cooked like kievs for example.

Classic Orange Crumb 19 great product for coating scotch eggs and fish fingers

Classic Dark Orange Crumb 72 you would normally use this Crumb to coat your hams and other meat products.

Curing Salts


Easy to Cure Range – our cures are easy to use and produce great results. Full instructions are included covering all the mixes.

They are all dry cure, Immersion cure or Injection Cure:-

Supersaltz Basic cure no sugar Allow 10g of cure per 1kg meat
Easy Cure – Traditional Standard hams & bacon Allow 30g of cure per 1kg meat
Easy Cure – Smoke Sweet smoke for hams & bacon Allow 40g of cure per 1kg meat
Easy Cure – Sweet Sweet for hams & bacon Allow 50g of cure per 1kg meat

Curing Basics

Curing salt contains nitrates so always wear gloves and goggles when handling

For best results use fresh meat within 3-4 days of slaughter

Ensure meat temperature is within 3-5 0c

Trim meat to remove excess fat and bones

Easy Dry Cure

Use meat no thicker than 6”

Remove the rind or deeply score it to allow penetration of the cure

Weigh meat to calculate amount of cure required

Rub salt into the meat ensuring well coated

Vac pac or wrap in cling film

Label with cure and finish dates

Store in chiller at 3-6 0c turning every 2 days

Remove packaging, rinse in cold water

Hang in chiller for 8-24 hours to dry before slicing or smoking

Meat Glazes

Our exciting range of MRC glazes are available with an extremely wide choice of flavours and come in a 2.5kg ‘red tub’.

Kofta Kebab Seasoning

blend of garlic, onion, parsley, coriander & touch of mint

Lemon Pepper Coater

zesty lemon with black pepper

Garden Mint

sweet fresh tasting mint with a hint of tomato perfect with lamb

Garlic Butter

a delicious buttery base with hints of garlic & parsley

Hot & Spicy

tomato blended with garlic, onion, cayenne and Jalapeno


a fiery glaze, a blend of cayenne with oregano, thyme & paprika

Peppersteak Coater

traditional blend of black pepper with garlic & onion

Piri Piri

a sizzling blend of hot chillies, cayenne with tomato & lemon

Rosemary & Garlic

a classic blend of rosemary and garlic

Smoky BBQ

a blend of smoky BBQ with tomato

Tandoori Glaze

 creamy blend of cumin, ginger, coriander with mild chilli and lemon zest


a classic Chinese glaze with star anise, cinnamon & ginger

Sticky Maple Flavour

really sticky and sweet maple with onion garlic & tomato

Sweet Chilli & Lime Coater

cayenne chilli and sweet bell peppers and splash of lime

Stuffing Mixes

Simply add 250g hot water per 100g of stuffing mix For a more decadent product add 20g of salted butter to the mix

Date & Roasted Cumin

 A Middle Eastern flavour combination that is sweet, spicy & delicious with lamb

Sage, Apple & Onion

A classic with a light, fruity twist.

Cranberry, Orange & Rosemary

 Colourful red berries and a zippy orange taste

Sage & Onion

A classic & versatile flavour combination

Apricot & Ginger

A perfect combination of fiery ginger and sweet apricot

Parsley, Lemon & Thyme

 Fresh and zingy, with lemon oil and plenty of herbs.


Not just for Christmas. Works well with heavier game meats

Verstegen Marinades

The Verstegen ‘Pure” label means No declarable allergies, No MSG, No phosphates, 20% salt reduction and no artificial flavourings

Declarable allergies: cereals containing, gluten, crustaceans, eggs, fish, peanuts, soya, milk (incl lactose), nuts, celery, mustard, sesame, sulphur dioxide, lupin, molluscs or contains phosphates, contains msg)

We are able to offer Verstegen and its endless possibilities in both World Grill oils or Marinades:-

World Grill Oils – liquid seasonings or instant marinades are omega rich oils infused with herbs and spices

They have low usage rates, easy application, maximum flavour, extend product shelf life, visual appeal, great adhesion to products. They come in 2.5L drums a number of these have the ‘Pure” label.

Download complete brochure PDF here Verstegen World Grills Marinades

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