Look BBQ bags

We are now pleased to announce that we will be stocking a new range of bags ideal for butchers, restaurants and meat lovers!

LOOK oven bags are the ideal, clean and modern way to cook food in the oven. LOOK oven bags are manufactured from TSP02, a polyester based film developed specifically for modern cooking applications. The food self-bastes as the juices circulate in the bag locking in flavour and keeping the food succulent. Oven bags can be safely used in the oven up to 200ºC and are available in a range of sizes,

perfect for everything from chicken breasts to large roasting joints, fish or vegetables.

The Barbeque Bags are perfect because:

  • Look BBQ & Oven BagsKeeps your BBQ or oven clean
  • Helps prevent burnt BBQ food
  • Locks in flavour
  • Avoid cross contamination
  • Bags can be used for freezing and re-heating

Please contact us for Samples.