Due to unforeseen circumstances in the industry, we are no longer able to supply the Secure Clip Tags until further notice.

We do however have a perfect replacement, which is the Avery Dennison Tagfast Mark III.

Designed especially for meat tagging, Avery Dennison’s Tag Fast Tool is made of corrosion resistant material. It features several drain holes so debris can be flushed out quickly and easily.

Stainless steel needles resist corrosion.


Avery Dennison Tagfast Mark III:

  • Tagging Gun
  • Replacement Needles
  • Single Paddle Blue Nylon Tags filament size 20mm (5000)
  • Double Paddle Green Nylon Tags filament size 41mm (5000)
  • White Card 300gsm (1000)

Contact us for more information 01825 732000 or [email protected]