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Weald packaging – Seasonal Newsletter (Spring 2022). Everything you need to know about what’s happening, and what’s to come.

‘Where has the year gone; and how can it already be spring. Easter is
rapidly approaching! Welcome to the first Volume of [email protected]
packaging. This is a new way to highlight the most recent new
products/Office news, updated prices, or packaging gossip. Everything
that we feel you will want to know.



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We have a fantastic selection here at weald to get those parties ready, and BBQs lit.

Line those plates with the limited-edition coronation chicken, or skip it altogether and attend a village party, no need to wash up then!

Summer is a very busy time here at weald, with endless orders going out and new products arriving at our doors. We are still spending a lot of time on our website, adding new products, and improving links. ultimately trying to make the website & shop easier for you to use and adding all the information the end-user may need.

– Happy Summering – (and as Baz Luhrmann said, “don’t forget the sunscreen”).

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