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Dry Age Starter Kit


1x JML FOOD SEALER (RRP – £41.50)


3 x Monarch herbs and spices of your choice (RRP – £5-10)
(emails us with your choice of 3 herbs and spices – [email protected])


2 x dry age bags – (250×400) + (250×550)


JML Food Sealer

JML Food Sealer quickly removes all the air from storage vacuum bags in which food, and other precious items, have been placed, and then heat-seals them. Removing the air in this way dramatically extends the time that food can be kept by removing the air-borne bacteria and excess moisture that can cause your food to spoil and rot.

DRY AGING meat, is the way forward for meat lovers. With the JML food sealer you can vacuum bag meat with our Dry age Bags. Leave for 28 days and you will have the perfect steaks!

Use the Combi/embossed bags for vacuum sealing and the Dry age bags + yellow strips, for dry aging meat.

3 x Monarch Spices of your choice: 

Basil Rubbed

2 x Dry age bags 





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