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Peach Paper 254x305mm


Pack x1000

Meat Protector Paper ensures that meat and poultry stay fresher for longer so you don't have to trim off discoloured meat, saving you both time and money.
This allows you to precut meat at a time that works for you using Protector Paper because it preserves meat for a prolonged period than other products.
The high tear resistance of Meat Protector Paper prevents bones from breaking through. Whether wet or dry, Meat Protector Paper can be easily peeled from meat without tearing; and you can display pages on counters with Meat Protector Paper between layers of meat.
You can sell meat to your customers in Meat Protector Paper to ensure the meat they buy stays fresher for longer. As a result of this prolonged freshness, regular customers will develop loyalty

•Saves time
•Reduce waste
•Extend the shelf life or meat & poultry
•Retains the meats colour and moisture for up to 36 hours.

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