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We can offer a full renge of casings – natural casing, artificial casing, edible casing, inedible casing, Fibrous casing, Nojax casing, plastic casing and collagen casing.

Natural Casings

Selected hog casing on the tube (spooled) or loose bundles, for 8 to 10 to the pound. Sheep casing on the tube (spooled) or loose bundles. 18/22 diameter or wider 24mm diameter. Ideal for chipolatas

Collagen Casings

Size 21 for chipolatas, hand link or machine link. Size 28 for 8 to 10 to the pound, breakfast sausage, hand link or machine link. Can be used for freezing, deep fat frying and grilling.

Nojax Casings

Seamless cellulose casing, ideal for skinless sausage manufacture, hot dogs and frankfurters.

Fibrous Casings

Small calibre ie 55 to 70 diameter for salami. Larger calibre for gammon steaks and for ham manufacture.

High Stretch Casings

Cellulose casing for cooking hams giving a more traditional shape.

Plastic Casings

For the production of slicing sausage, black pudding and sausage meat sleeves.

Cooking Bags

Casings clipped one end for cooking hams, clear or blue tinted.

Collagen Casing

Saveloy Red

Fibrous Casings

Cut Sleeves
Cut and Clipped Pieces

Natural Casings

Sheep bundles
Spooled sheep
Hog bundles
Spooled Hog
Tubed Sheep
Tubed Hog

High Stretch Casings

Nojax Skinless Sausage Casing

Cooking Bags

Shrink and Non Shrink

Elasticated Netting

Roast Netting
Boiling Net
Red and White
Poultry Loops
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