Solid Board Boxes - Stock List

Euro Boxes - The Base = 580mm x 380mm x 150mm 970gsm
Euro Boxes - The Lid = 588mm x 388mm x 150mm 990gsm
15kg Boxes - The Base = 500mm x 299mm x 100mm 880gsm
15kg Boxes - The Lid = 506mm x 305mm x 100mm 680gsm
10kg Boxes - The Base = 390mm x 290mm x 90mm 800gsm
10kgs Boxes - The Lid = 398mm x 296mm x 90mm 750gsm
Half Euro Boxes - The Base = 380mm x 290mm x 140mm 915gsm
Half Euro Boxes - The Lid = 390mm x 300mm x 140mm 890gsm
115 Meat Boxes - The Base = 530mm x 378mm x 115mm 935gsm
115 Meat Boxes - The Lid = 543mm x 383mm x 115mm 755gsm
130 Meat Boxes - The Base = 498mm x 384mm x 130mm 1200gsm
130 Meat Boxes - The Lid = 505mm x 395mm x 128mm 1000gsm