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The heatwave has arrived, so I can officially say that summer in the UK has arrived. Whether that be one day or three months. This means that BBQ season has sprung. What better way to socialise and have a few beverages with friends and family.

Weald has all the essentials you may need to stock those counters or shelves this sizzling summer. From Burger mixes to chilli rubs; to Eco straws & skewers. Anything you need, we can stock.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Leonards have released a seasonal special, Caroline Reaper Burger mix. This isn’t for the faint-hearted, a super spicy mix, with all the heat you could need. Features the infamous Carolina Reaper Chilli. Spicier than I can handle. But for those customers that love heat, this is defo one to make up. We also have a small selection of burger presses left in stock. 4 & 5inch, heavy duty made to last. Grab one while they are still in stock.

For those like me who have a sweet tooth, Then we have a delicious selection of sweet treats from a local company called Spice Mule. Their stovetop brownie is a must for the cold chill in the summer evening. A one-pan jobby. Perfect for cooking over the embers of your firepit, dregs of your BBQ or on your camping gas stove. Just add milk (non-dairy or dairy) and oil, cooking low and slow. Whether that’s one for home or one to give. These little sachets are the perfect little gift and children would love them. The messier the better (isn’t that what summers are about?)

Pop onto our website to see the full BBQ essentials. Load up on the Sun cream & San Miguel and have yourselves a lovely summer BBQ

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