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Vacuum Pouches

Our unrivalled range comes in plain vacuum pouches; in various thicknesses, and is available in a range of sizes and quantities.

Our pouches are Widely used for fresh meat, cooked meats e.g. ham, cured meats, bacon, cheese, smoked fish, vegetables, frozen foods and coffee. Our pouches offer longer shelf life, preservation of freshness, better taste, protection against moisture and preservation of pre-cooked foods.

The raw materials used in the production of films can be considered harmless to health based on the scientific knowledge available and/or statements to this effect supplied by our suppliers.


Product features at a glance:
• PA / PE (polyamide / polyethylene) made of multilayer film
• suitable for the use of all vacuum chamber machines
• NOT suitable for vacuum equipment with external extraction
• 100% free of plasticizers
• 100% BPA-free
• Food safe, tasteless and odourless
• suitable for storage in cooling and freezing

On request, all of our suppliers declare that they do not use BISPHENOL A (CAS-NR. 90-05-7) or other Bisphenols in the production of the resins. They also do not use these substances as ingredients or additives and confirm that our films are free from Bisphenols. (Inside the perspective limits)



The thickness of each pouch is measured in microns. 1 micron = 1000th of a millimetre, so the higher the micron level the more strength and rigidity of the final result.

70 micron – our standard pouch ideal for fresh meat, cooked meats, bacon, coffee
90 Micron – suitable for bone in products, slightly more rigid feel for presentation
145 Micron – Perfect for larger bone in joints, very rigid

Product features:
• Barrier properties (gas and oxygen barrier)
• suitable for the use of vacuum chamber machines only
• NOT suitable for vacuum equipment with external extraction
• 100% free of plasticizers
• 100% BPA-free
• Food safe, tasteless and odourless
• suitable for storage in cooling and freezing
• Temperature resistant from / to: -40 ° C to + 40 ° C


We also offer an extended range of vacuum pouches & products (stock sizes)

  • Boilable (‘cook in bags’ or ‘sous vide pouches’) temperature resistant from -40° to + 121°C. Widely used for pre-packing soups, seafood and other meals ready to reheat in restaurants. This method of cooking is proving more and more popular for chefs and other professionals because of the advantages it gives certain foods. Available in 4 sizes, but other sizes can be made to order.
  • Blue tinted. Widely used for long term commercial storage rather than retail, available in 5 sizes.
  • Gold or silver-backed (Buy Here) / clear front – our metallic bags offer an award-winning presentation for bacon, cheese, ham etc The Front side of a clear polyester/polyethene composite with a barrier layer, and the back in return consists of PET / MET (metallized polyester). The barrier layer of EVOH ensures clean, fast and uniform air extraction. Furthermore, they have been specially designed for use with commercial chamber vacuum equipment.
  • Black Backed clear frontoffers great visual appearance when packing Salmon and Steaks, available in 3 sizes from stock.
  • White Parchment/PaperLook Pouches – an excellent choice for packing cheese and even Biltong, available in 5 sizes.
  • Gold or silver-backed boards for slotting into any of our vacuum pouches.
  • Chamberless vacuum packer.
  • Embossed pouches (Buy Here) (ribbed, channelled, textured) are for use with chamber less or external vacuum packers. These are strong and have high barrier properties. Available in various quantities and sizes either on rolls or specific sizes.
  • Shrink Barrier Bags — similar to vacuum packaging but the bag shrinks around 45% around the product once vacuumed and then dipped into a hot water bath, giving a second skin appearance. They have excellent clarity and puncture resistance. Ideal for fresh meat, poultry, game and cheese.
  • Boneguard – protective wrapping for bones and meat to prevent punctures when vacuum packaging and packing meat into shrink barrier bags. Available in mouldable crepe or PF for larger/sharper bones. The rolls are 100 yards in length and come in 303mm or 400mm widths.


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