48mm x50m Crossweave Tape

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48mm x50m Crossweave Tape

These filament 48mm x50m Crossweave Tape are highly robust and long-lasting, making them an excellent substitute for polypropylene strapping. They possess exceptional adhesion to paper and cardboard surfaces, ensuring a secure seal for extended periods. These tapes are frequently utilized for enhancing security measures. Cross weave tape is commonly provided alongside other packing materials for moving purposes. It can be utilized as strapping tape for shipping boxes or to secure irregular-shaped materials together.

As a part of our extensive selection of wholesale packaging supplies, we have a variety of tear resistant cross weave tapes available to meet your specific requirements. We offer an exceptionally strong adhesive tape that is reinforced with two-directional (cross weave) fibreglass filaments. This cross-weave filament tape is known for its outstanding tear resistance and is particularly suitable for situations where additional strength is needed. It is also commonly referred to as X-weave tape.

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