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48mm x66m Low Noise Brown Tape PP

For reliable packaging solutions, our six-packs of low-noise buff tape provide a valuable advantage. This robust, water-based acrylic adhesive tape adheres instantly to all paper and board surfaces and withstands varying temperatures. Its low-noise polypropylene composition makes it particularly well-suited for sealing heavier packages.

48mm x66m PVC Tape

This product can be used both in industries and homes to provide an exceptional and distinctive look to your packages. (Available in Red & Blue)

48mm x990m Clear Machine Tape (Hot Melt)

The Hot Melt Polypropylene Adhesive Tape is created to seal cartons and packages effectively while providing a strong and secure seal to keep the contents safe during delivery. It is designed to withstand moisture and temperature changes, and it bonds instantly and evenly, providing confidence when sealing parcels with this highly durable tape.

48mm x 132MM Clear Tape

Clear rolls of tape with an industrial length of 66m and a width of 48mm. They are appropriate for use in both households and businesses. The tape is sturdy, long-lasting, and can be easily torn. It is ideal for sealing the flaps of cardboard boxes or reinforcing packages before shipping. These rolls are designed to fit on standard tape dispensers used in the industry, but they can also be easily cut with a knife or scissors.

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