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A rock-solid heritage; an exacting commitment to Swiss precision and a consistent focus on quality and innovation are the absolute cornerstones of our business. With operations in over 120 countries worldwide, we are founded on a foundation of integrity and family values.
Victorinox Chef’s knives from Victorinox are extremely sharp and perfectly balanced. You will almost feel as if everything is being cut for you if you are able to obtain one of these masterpieces. A successful chef understands this secret.



5″ Boning Knife Black


WEIGHT – 0.102

Blade length: 12cm



6″ Fibrox boning knife


WEIGHT- 0.104g

Blade Lenght: 15.1 cm


6″ Narrow Boning Knife Fibrox Handle


WEIGHT  – 0.113g

Blade length: 15cm


5″ Curved Boning Knife


WEIGHT – 0.113g

Blade length: 12cm


5″ Curved Flexible Boning Knife

WEIGHT – 0.100g

Blade length: 12cm


6″ Flexible Curved Boning Knife


WEIGHT – 0.091g

Blade length: 15cm


10’’ Bread Knife


WEIGHT – 0.174g

Blade length: 25cm



10″ Butcher Knife


WEIGHT – 0.227g

Blade length: 25cm




12″ Butcher Knife


WEIGHT – 0.252

Blade length: 25cm

Coloured-handled kitchen knives were designed primarily to prevent cross-contamination and food poisoning. To prevent harmful bacteria from coming into contact with cooked meat, use a red knife to portion raw chicken and a yellow knife to slice it once it has been cooked.

Those who suffer from food allergies can also benefit from colour-coded kitchen knives. When a person has a dairy intolerance, a knife that has previously been used to cut cheese cannot be used to prepare their salad. When the right knife is used for the right task, lives can be saved.

It is also important to take into consideration the growing number of vegetarians and vegans when choosing colour-coded knives. It has been reported that the number of people choosing a vegan diet has increased by 185%.egan diet has increased by 185%. You should ensure that all utensils are separated if you intend to offer vegan or vegetarian options on your menu.

Cooked Meats









What People Say

This is one of the best butcher knives I have ever owned. it is easy to put an edge on it and keep it. the lack of butt from forging the blade allows you better control when sharpening this knife. An all-around must-have for any butcher for a great price.

“I find this knife to be absolutely useful at the butcher shop. It stays sharp and it’s large enough to cut Subprimals. It is a must for anyone looking to cut large pieces of meat. For this price, you can’t find a better deal.”

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