Dry Age Bags
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Dry ageing beef bags employ a specially formulated combination of polymers which create a single layer material that is both moisture- and oxygen-permeable, very much like a membrane. Fragile when first sealed, the dry ageing beef bag will form a bond with the moist proteins on the surface of the meat within the first several days.

Once bonded, it provides the protection against off flavours and contamination, allowing you to dry age in any commercial refrigeration unit without the need for UV lighting or specialised humidity control. Although the bag itself It is not a vacuum material it is possible and preferred to Vacuum Pack the Meat inside and create a perfect bond. This method does NOT pose the same risk of anaerobic bacterial growth like in other methods.

The main benefits of Dry Ageing Beef are the mouth-watering concentrated flavour, the extreme tenderness of the finished product and the beautiful marbled appearance (especially on Sirloins and Rib-Eyes). Meat can also be smoked through the dry ageing bag.

Please find below instructions on how to use the Dry Age Bags with either a Chamber Vacuum Packer or a Chamberless/Desktop Vacuum Packer;

Click to download usage instructions for the Chamberless Desktop Sealer or Chamber Vacuum Sealer

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200mm x 400mm Dry Age Bags
250mm x 350mm Dry Age Bags
250mm x 400mm Dry Age Bags
250mm x 550mm Dry Age Bags
300mm x 600mm
Dry Age Bags
250mm x 500mm Dry Age Bags
350mm x 450mm
Dry Age Bags
400mm x 700mm Dry Age Bags
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