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Burger Mixes

Burger Mixes – Easy to use just add meat and water to the pre-mixed packets.

  • COMPLETE BEEF BURGER MIX: Light beige free-flowing powder, with gentle spicing to compliment a full meaty flavour, a simple but effective mix also great as a base mix for you to add your own herbs and spices too. (Available in 340g packets or cases of 28 x340g packets)
  • TASTY BURGER AND ONION MIX: Similar flavour profile to the Beef Burger Mix but with a pink tint and pieces of dehydrated onion by far our most popular Burger Mix, compliments Beef and Venison perfectly. (Available in 340g packets or cases of 28 x340g packets)
  • LAMB AND MINT BURGER MIX: Pink granular powder with herb particles, the typical flavour of the product. (Available in 340g packets or cases of 28 x340g packets)
  • VEGETABLE BURGER MIX: This simple vegetarian burger mix has a good mixture of Soya, Peas, Onions, Breadcrumbs, Barley, Peppers, Tomatoes and ground Celery Seeds. (Available in 20kg cases, usage rate is 38.5%)

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