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Leonards Sausage Mix

We are honoured to collaborate with the Leonards, a locally owned company established in the late 1980s. They specialise in creating exceptional sausage and burger mixes, all meticulously crafted in their Uckfield factory. Their products receive consistent acclaim for their mouth watering flavours and exceptional quality.

  • Old English: Award-winning sausage mix, with loads of pepper, herbs and onion
  • Garlic Supreme: Plenty of garlic and complemented with rosemary & oregano
  • Pork & Chestnut: Plenty of kibbled chestnuts and a sprinkle of parsley
  • Moroccan: A blend of yoghurt, chilli & and mint that works perfectly with lamb, pork or even chicken
  • Hickory Honey: Smoky & sweet, a firm family favourite with honey tones
  • Pork & Chive: Stuffed full of chives, complimented with nutmeg and pepper
  • Beef & Horseradish: The gentle heat generated by heaps of horseradish designed to replicate the traditional Sunday roast
  • Hunter Feast: Nutmeg, pepper and lots of herbs make it a perfect match with venison, beef or wild boar
  • Pork & Hop: Floral notes with a blend of herbs beautifully compliment pork
  • Boerewors: With lots of coriander, black pepper and nutmeg.
  • Italian: Classic Italian flavours of tomatoes, oregano and garlic with visual flecks of red peppers for extra appeal
  • Welsh Dragon: Loaded with leeks and then chilli is added for extra fire
  • Thai: Handfuls of coriander, dash of lime oil and a pinch of chilli
  • Cracked Black Pepper: This mix is brimming with cracked black pepper, being warming without being spicy
  • Pork & Apple: Plenty of apple pieces, plus a hint of ginger and mixed herbs make this a great all rounder.
  • Porkie Leekie: Stuffed with leeks. A background of nutmeg & onion help to enhance the meat
  • Tinted Beef: Garlic, ginger and a dash of coriander combine in this meaty sausage
  • Tinted Pork: Base pork seasoning with a hint of colour
  • Marmalade: Loaded with citrus and sweet notes, this sausage is perfect with pork
  • Cider Apple: Loaded with apple pieces, a selection of herbs and a dash of clove
  • Firecracker: Three different types of chilli in this mix. One that deserves a heat warning
  • Chipotle Chilli: Smokey chilli heat combined with chilli flakes & paprika will add lots of colour to your counter
  • Lamb & Rosemary: Rosemary, pepper and garlic combine to make a Sunday roast in a sausage
  • Spicy Garlic: Loaded with garlic, a warming hint of cayenne and a blend of herbs
  • Chorizo Style: Fusing smoked paprika, garlic and chilli for a classic Spanish sausage
  • Louisiana : Smokey, with garlic, fennel and a hint of chilli
  • Lincolnshire: Plenty of sage & pepper for a truly classic flavour combination
  • Premium Pork: A peppery sausage with a touch of mace and sage. Use with chicken as well as pork
  • White Cumberland: Black pepper, nutmeg and cayenne combine for a perfect pairing for pork
  • Game: This sausage mix combines nutmeg, pepper and oregano with a touch of cranberry
  • Honey Roast: A simple, sweet flavour profile that will appeal to all the family

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