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Food ties can be used for a wide range of packaging and cooking needs, including securing meat and poultry. In addition to being fully roastable, they allow you to secure and prepare products quickly and efficiently.

We use elastic loops to prevent excessive pressure on the meat, minimise blood loss, and bruises, and preserve weight. Using our meat ties eliminates the need to tie knots when rolling up meat. Their flexibility, hygienic properties, and ease of use make them ideal for use.

We can offer them in the following colours and sizes:

  • 5.5cm Red/White (Max Stretch to 11cm) 1000/5000 per case
  • 5.5cm Green/White (Max Stretch to 11cm) 1000/5000 per case
  • 5.5cm Blue/White (Max Stretch to 11cm) 1000/5000 per case
  • 9cm White Loops (Max Stretch to 18cm) 7000 per case
  • 12.5cm White Loops (Max Stretch to 25cm) 5000 per case
  • 15cm White Loops (Maxi to 30cm) 5000 per case

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