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Nirey Electric Knife Sharpener

The Nirey Electric Knife Sharpener KE280 is equipped with a strong A/C motor and a sturdy transmission that transfers power from the motor through an axle and crown wheel and pinions. In the case of the Nirey KE280, it is capable of enduring continuous commercial use and is an ideal choice for businesses that require a sturdy and resilient machine capable of handling a multitude of sharpening's. The Nirey KE280 efficiently provides a polished, manufacturer finish to your blades in a very short amount of time. The wheels are loaded with patented foam surrounds and Aluminium-oxide cloth belts. While the knives are being sharpened, the cushioning system polishes the knife to a sharp finish. The results provided by this machine are incredible. The KE280 sharpening system, whether manual or electric, will outperform any other system. It consistently provides a smooth razor-sharp edge on high-quality knives, often surpassing the sharpness they had when new.

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