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Rusk & Crumbs

Rusk, which is a dried cereal ingredient, is known for its exceptional microbiological cleanliness. It is primarily utilised as a filler and binder in meat products. The manufacturing process of rusk involves baking, drying, and blending wheat flour, salt, and a raising agent. This traditional and slow process ensures the production of a consistently high-quality product that can absorb double its weight in water without becoming soft and mushy.

  • Pinhead Rusk: Is the most popular grist size, widely used in the production of sausage product ducts and as an ingredient for dried stuffing mixes. (20kg Sacks).
  • Medium Rusk: Is the same as the Pinhead rusk, just with thicker particles for a more rustic sausage. (20kg Sacks)
  • Superfine Rusk: Is widely used as a carrier for flavours, colours, and seasonings, but because of its larger particle size than Extra Fine, it is also highly suitable for use in beef burgers to help bind and absorb free water. (20kg Sacks)
  • Bread Crumb: Is manufactured from wheat flour, salt, yeast, and either natural food dyes or spices (if required) to colour the crumb. Typical colourings used are Paprika, turmeric, and annotate, used either singularly or in combination as per the EC Colours Directive. Breadcrumb is manufactured in a variety of grits to suit individual customer requirements.
  • Classic Golden Crumb: Generally used for breading poultry and fish products and produces a classic golden colour when cooked, like Kiev's, for example.
  • Classic Orange Crumb: Great products for coating scotch eggs and fish fingers
  • Classic Dark Orange Crumb: You would normally use this Crumb to coat your hams and other meat products.

Gluten free rusk also available.

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