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Sausage Mix

Our Sausage Mixes are made in the UK and come in handy pouches. All you need to do is follow our recommended recipe and add meat and water.

  • CUMBERLAND: A complete mix for Cumberland sausages, a creamy-coloured coarse mix, savoury with pepper and spice notes.
  • PORK & APPLE: Pale pink seasoning with coarse particles of rusk, apple, and herb.
  • ROMANY: Pale beige coarse powder with green particles of herb, an old favourite and one of our best sellers.
  • GLUTEN FREE: Pale pink speckled powder made with rice flour instead of rusk to keep it gluten-free with herb extracts of pepper, nutmeg, coriander, sage, and cayenne.
  • OLD ENGLISH: This sausage mix is made up of a fine cream-colored powder mixed with pieces of rusk, herbs, and onion.
  • PORK & HONEY: Another beige coarse powder with friendly and sweet dried honey, a real family favourite.
  • KENTISH HOP: A savoury coarse mix with rusk, herb, and onion particulates. this is our best-selling sausage mix for the last 25 years and you will not be disappointed.
  • FANFARE: A very coarse mix and is sometimes called a breakfast sausage due to its rustic and pleasant flavour profile. this is a great sausage to use as a base and you can add your herbs and spices.
  • HOT SPANISH: Also known better as a chorizo sausage mix, a premium hot and spicy sausage mix with a vibrant red colour to really catch the eye on the counter.

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