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Our high-quality rayon twine is suitable for use with food. It is the preferred choice for butchers, bakers, and chefs. We offer a variety of colours, including white, red and white, green and white, and blue and white. The rayon twine is conveniently stored on plastic spools. It is a thin and versatile twine that is perfect for food preparation, especially for tying briskets and linking sausages in a continental style. This twine is discreet and will enhance the presentation of joints. It is made from durable and high-quality rayon yarn.

  • No.5 Twine - Break Load (67kg)
  • No.6 Twine - Break Load (50kg)
  • Red & White Twine
  • Blue & White Twine
  • Green & White Twine

Sold in singles or packs of 6.

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