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Team on Biteable.

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Tony Willmott

Managing Director

General roles include sales, marketing, technical, purchasing and development.


2 years with Sainsbury’s 12 years with Viskase Food Casings, then 33 years with Weald Packaging.

Worked and lived in the UK, France and U.S.A.

Big Hammers fan!

Two sons and three grandsons.

Often found on “Business” at the golf club




Robin Farmer

Logistics Manager and Director

General roles include warehouse management, transport and distribution.


35 years with Weald Packaging.

Always lived in Sussex and still keeps an interest in agriculture.

Enjoys eating out and trying new foods (and bringing back chips for lunch!)

Plays squash and has a large family, he loves to spend time with.




Marc Willmott

Business Development Manager

General Roles include HR, Health & Safety Sales, Marketing, Research, and managing existing and new customers.


13 Years at Weald Packaging

Studied Hospitality & Catering and Travel & TourismGiven the opportunity, he can sell anything, including the kitchen sink!

Keen club badminton player enjoys eating out & travelling with family, Arsenal FC Supporter COYG3 Sons




Kevin Donoghue

Delivery Driver

Out delivering orders every day (Especially enjoys London)


28 Years at Weald Packaging

Expert Butcher and Diving instructor in his spare time

If lost you will probably find him in the hot tub or on holiday…again!

1 Daughter & 1 Son




Steven Cashmore

Delivery Driver & Warehouse Worker

Splits his duties between delivering orders and general warehouse duties


15 Years at Weald Packaging

Big interest in the Armed Forces

Prepared for almost every situation

4 Daughters & 1 Son




Daniel Farmer

Warehouse Supervisor

General warehouse duties, deliveries and QC of goods in and out


8 years at Weald Packaging

Previously worked at a local Children’s Adventure Park working with animals

Loves working outside and is a keen animal lover

3 Dogs, a Cat and many, many reptiles

Often found filling his basket at your local Tesco…mainly with chocolate and ice creams for Sian!




Ollie Manning

Financial Manager

Specific role in company is to process all invoicethe s and control all the accounting functions.


6 years at Weald Packaging

Previous jobs with Audi and another accounting firm

Enjoys trying out new restaurants, holidays on the canal boat and spending time with his beloved dog Stan

Currently studying for and taking exams for even more accounting qualifications




Zoe larkin

Office and Media Administrator

Ensures proper flow of office procedures, and supports the office directors by carrying out common office duties. The first line of contact with visitors, customers, and vendors; is in person, online, and via telephone. Recently promoted to handle social media and website upkeep.


Newest member of the Weald Packaging Team

Enjoys camping, spending time with family and walking the dog




Ben Saunders

Warehouse Superstar

General Warehouse Duties


3 years at Weald Packaging

Always goes above and beyond with a smile on his face.

Enjoys visiting his friends in London and is a keen sportsman.

An all-round jolly good fellow!

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