Ground Chilli Powder 1kg


Ground Chilli Powder 1kg -

The Ground Chilli Powder 1kg possesses a vivid hue of deep red or orange, accompanied by a unique and delectable sweetness that is both fiery and intense. This exceptional taste is derived from the grinding of Capsicum annum and various other types of peppers from the Capsicum family. Furthermore, it emits a gentle aroma and leaves a noticeable and invigorating spiciness on the palate.

This particular product is free from any kind of additives or additional substances. This food option is ideal for individuals who follow a diet that includes eggs and dairy products (Ovo-Lacto Vegetarians), those who cannot consume gluten (Coeliacs), individuals who avoid all animal products (Vegans), and those who adhere to the dietary laws of the Jewish faith (Kosher) or Islamic faith (Halal).

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