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Chainmail Gloves

Chainmail gloves are very effective at defending against cuts because they are made from tightly woven rings of metal. This works by creating a thick barrier that blocks the tip of knives, serrated edges, and other incredibly sharp objects from reaching the skin.

Metal gloves are a common and necessary tool in butchering, as they are incredibly durable and cut-resistant. This makes them a very safe option for those working with meat, as even if their hands are cut, the metal gloves will protect them from injury.

  • Available in sizes from XXS to 2XL and also extended cuff.
  • Stainless Steel gloves with 5 fingers
  • Adjustable wristband.
  • Ambidextrous - Can be worm on both left & right hand.
  • Manufactured by specialists in safety clothing in stainless steel mesh.
  • CE Certified.
  • Chainmail aprons also available.

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