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Paper Towels

  • Twin ply Blue Roll - This high-quality paper is perfect for use in spillages, absorbing liquid quickly and preventing any tear or dissolution. It is ideal for multiple people, and can be used with even the most viscous liquids.
  • Toilet Rolls - These white toilet rolls offer great value for money and are soft, strong and absorbent. Each roll contains 200 sheets, making them both economical and efficient. They are made from 100% recycled paper, which helps reduce your carbon footprint and do your bit for the environment. The hollow central tube allows them to be placed on a dispenser for quick and easy access. This pack contains 36 rolls.
  • White Tek Roll - The wipes possess a remarkable strength and durability owing to their unique non-woven composition. Moreover, their exceptional resistance to solvents ensures that they remain intact and do not disintegrate even when used in conjunction with such substances. Furthermore, these Tek wipes exhibit an impressive characteristic of producing minimal lint, thereby eliminating any concerns about leaving behind streaks of lint after each wipe.

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