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Vikan, a renowned global manufacturer of hygiene cleaning tools for the food and beverage sector, has held its position at the forefront of the industry for over a hundred years. This extensive experience has granted Vikan the expertise to design and produce the most efficient and cutting-edge professional cleaning tools and provide invaluable advisory services.

If you can't find what you're looking for on our shelves, we can order it in for you. For more information about their products and to place orders, please don't hesitate to contact us, our stock items can be found below:

  • 29353: Aluminium Handle, 31 mm, 1310 mm, Blue
  • 29354: Aluminium Handle, 31 mm, 1310 mm, Red
  • 29355: Aluminium Handle, 31 mm, 1310 mm white
  • 77543: Floor Squeegee w/Replacement Cassette, 600mm, Blue
  • 77544: Floor Squeegee w/Replacement Cassette, 600mm,Red
  • 77545: Floor Squeegee w/Replacement Cassette, 600mm,White
  • 77748: Replacement Cassette, 600 mm, Black
  • 70603: Wall/Floor Washing Brush, 305 mm, Hard, Blue
  • 70413: Deck Scrub, Waterfed, 270 mm, Very Hard, Blue
  • 29103: Table & Floor Scraper, 260mm, Blue
  • 64403: Hand Brush S/ Nailbrush, 130 mm, Hard, Blue
  • 30883: Utility Brush, 260 mm, Medium, Blue
  • 38903: Hand Brush L, 200 mm, Hard, Blue
  • 38923: Hand Brush XL, 240 mm, Very Hard, Blue
  • 41923: Washing Brush with Short Handle, 270 mm, Hard, Blue
  • 5524:  Pad, 245 mm, Medium
  • 55003: Pad Holder, 230 mm, Blue

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