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Hog Casings

We offer a variety of casings to suit your needs, whether you are a home user or a processor. These casings include chipolata, hog, collagen, and even vegetarian options. Our natural casings are made from the small intestines of sheep or pigs, while collagen casings are made from animal hides. Vegetarian casings, on the other hand, are made from natural, renewable, vegan, and water-soluble materials. The casings are vacuum-packed with either salt or saltwater. We recommend soaking the natural casings in fresh, cold water for at least 2 hours and rinsing them before use. However, collagen casings are ready-to-use and do not require soaking.

Hog casings are the traditional choice when making any type of link sausage like bratwurst, Italians, and kielbasa. This type of natural casing is also commonly used for making smoked polish sausages, ring bologna with a small diameter, and landjäeger.

  • 32/34 Tubed Hog (Flat Soft Tubes) 80m (Makes approx. 45kg Sausages)
  • 35/38 Loose Bundles on Black Ring 80m (Makes approx. 45kg Sausages)

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